Red Propeller Canine Casefile: “Sweet” Lou Sherman

Like many workplaces these days, Red Propeller has office occupants with both two and four legs. In our third Canine Casefile installment, we introduce Lou, who lives with Marketing Director Michelle Sherman, and is at the office most days.

  • Name: “Sweet” Lou Sherman
  • Age: 20 months
  • Breed: Border Collie
  • Job at Red Propeller: Director of Herding
  • Favorite toy: Chewed-up knotted rainbow rope
  • Quirk: She likes to give hugs and puts her paw in her mouth when she sleeps – like babies sucking their thumb!
  • Trivia: Strangers are constantly either telling her how pretty she is (especially her ghost eyes) or whispering that she looks like a wolf. She’s cool with both comments.