Canine Casefile: Rennie Rose “Scrappy-Doo” Bartlett-Thomson


Please welcome Rennie Rose, who is the newest addition to the Red Propeller family. Rennie lives with RP Vision Engineer Sarah Bartlett and her fiance, Barret Thomson. She’s been receiving lots of love in the office, including from Olive and Lou, who are still learning how to treat a puppy. Here’s the lowdown on Rennie.

  • Name: Rennie Rose
  • Age: 10 weeks and change
  • Breed: Fox Red Labrador
  • Job at Red Propeller: Vice-Admiral of Chomping
  • Favorite toy: Ice-skating squirrel
  • Quirk: Cries when tired and snores like an old man with a deviated septum.
  • Trivia: This furry sharknado likes the taste of everything in the whole wide world. Especially your hand, arm, cheek, neck, sweater, pants, ring, shoelace, toe, et al.