Canine casefile: Rennie Rose “Scrappy-Doo” Bartlett-Thomson

Like many workplaces these days, Red Propeller has office occupants with both two and four legs. In our fourth Canine Casefile installment, we introduce Rennie Rose, who lives with Marketing Director Sarah Bartlett and Sarah’s fiance. Rennie spends most days with her dad, but brings puppy power to the office from time to time, exhausting the older dogs.

  • Name: Rennie Rose
  • Age: 6 months
  • Breed: Fox Red Labrador
  • Job at Red Propeller: Vice-Admiral of Chomping
  • Favorite toy: Chuckit ball. Any ball. Did someone say ball?
  • Quirk: Prefers to sleep on pillow like a human; very good at spooning.
  • Trivia: Most people ask if she’s a Golden Retriever. She wants to point out her short ginger hair and say that she is not but thanks for all the pats!