11 years of great relationships and meaningful projects

Alison Jeffries founded Red Propeller because she saw an opportunity to help apartment developers ground their projects in a deep understanding of their audience and market.

This has grown into a company that works on all sorts of projects through all stages of the development process, from initial conception through development, marketing and leasing/sales.

The first year was good, but then the real-estate market got tough, although that tough market also provided enduring benefits.

“No one had any work, so all us who were trying to survive in the development world did small favors for each other,” Alison recalled. “We were just being ourselves – we were just honest and kind and helpful, and then, after the recession, all of that just kind of came back to us.”

She also learned about her own strength and abilities, but the biggest lesson was: “Be humble. It is not about you.”

Alison with partners Jim Goldberg and Stephen Fina, celebrating Seattle’s Luma condominiums

Now, 11 years later, Red Propeller has worked on projects in 86 cities, towns and resort communities in 16 states, plus Washington, D.C., Canada, Mexico and the Cayman Islands.

“It’s really cool to now go around the country and see buildings that we helped come up with an idea for to make them special,” Alison said. “There’s been a shift in the market from ‘build it and they will come’ to ‘let’s understand who we’re building it for and why.’”

But what stands out most for Alison isn’t the projects, but the relationships she’s developed.

“Whether an employee, a partner or a client, each person that we have collaborated with has added to our knowledge, our creativity and to our company story,” she said. “As I close my time at Red Propeller and open my next chapter, I take with me a lot of funny memories, some challenging days that made us stronger, and a wealth of experiences. It has been a wonderful ride, due in large part to the efforts and kindness of the many people around our company. Thank you all for your support of me personally, and of Red Propeller over the years. I look forward to crossing paths with you all in the future!”