Red Propeller’s future, propelled by our past

While we will certainly miss Alison deeply, Red Propeller will sail on under the leadership of longtime partners Jim Goldberg and Stephen Fina, as well as Derek Lunde, who was named a partner last year.

“When Alison and I joined forces more than 10 years ago, we shared a pretty simple vision: Approach real estate development differently by doing extraordinary thinking in partnership with extraordinary clients to create extraordinary results. And do so as the ‘Intel inside,’” Jim said. “I will forever be grateful for the partnership and deep friendship Alison and I developed through the experience of growing a real estate company through what most of us remember as the toughest of times.”

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Derek, who has been with RP since 2014, said: “It is incredible to think about the scale of Red Propeller’s impact on our industry across North America in our 11-year tenure. Alison’s vision set the bar incredibly high, and I continue to be amazed by the thought leadership and creative collaboration our team has responded with as a result. I look forward to building upon the foundation she established to create lasting, meaningful, transformative change on real estate for the benefit of our awesome clients.”

As Red Propeller continues on, we have our eyes to the horizon, exploring trends we believe will have a lasting impact on the future of real estate, including:

  • The emergence and impact of Generation Z;
  • Technology’s impact on real estate design, functionality and marketing/sales;
  • The role of differentiation and positioning on IRR; and
  • The impacts of the sharing economy on real estate investments.

As market conditions change and developments shift from for-rent to for-sale (and back), Red Propeller will continue our investment in building teams that provide end-to-end strategy, marketing leadership and differentiated sales services to launch (or relaunch) market-leading assets.

With a track record that spans both coasts and major central U.S. markets, we are enhancing our research and strategy engine to help clients create differentiated and high-performing communities that accelerate multifamily housing industry performance.

As creative leaders and collaborators, we will continue our focus on designing brands with depth and meaningful stories that help real estate owners and operators better connect with users of their spaces.
“As Stephen, Derek and I continue Red Propeller’s quest into the future with our team, we share excitement about the growing importance of strategically imagining and planning for real estate developments (in any form) that are targeted through an established vision and brought to life in ways that drive market demand and perform above our client’s expectations,” Jim said. “While we fully expect to see continued changes in the real estate market over the next 10 years, we remain committed to our founding vision and continuing our partnerships to outperform in all market conditions.”

None of this would be possible, of course, without the foundation that Alison created, and all of our clients, partners and friends who have been part of the Red Propeller journey with us. THANK YOU!