Ivo Andov

The Maestro

Position: Marketing Director

Preferred Propellant: Vino Toscano

Preferred Inanimate Red Object: Red Italian Vespa

Ivo directs marketing efforts for projects in Seattle and around the country. His diverse background and deep technical knowledge put him in a unique position within the real estate marketing world. With a degree in (and nerdy passion for) computer science and a decade-long experience in single-family real estate content-writing and brand development, he brings a holistic, digital-first approach to marketing and storytelling. In his day-to-day work, Ivo is passionate about listening to customers and building products and services that solve problems and improve people’s lives. Driven by data and analytics but very much a people person, he enjoys closely interfacing and collaborating with team members, clients, and customers.

Born and raised in Macedonia (to save you the Google search, it’s just north of Greece), Ivo’s early fascination with the U.S., along with his love for Michael Jordan and the NBA, brought him to college at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma. There, he studied all things software, hardware, and business. After graduating, he found a home in real-estate marketing, focusing his understanding of user behavior and web technologies in an increasingly digital marketing world.

Before joining Red Propeller, Ivo spent six years as a marketing director at Seabrook – a beach town on the Washington Coast – shaping the creation of a new beach resort from scratch. At Seabrook, he built and established a cohesive brand across all mediums, positioned the new development as the fastest growing destination in the Pacific Northwest, and created products and services in the real estate and hospitality industry that ensured continuous yearly growth. His work in establishing partnerships with popular print publications like Sunset Magazine and Coastal Living aligned Seabrook with the national and international stewards of design and lifestyle.

During his time at Seabrook, Ivo’s reach expanded far beyond the immediate real estate community. For six years he served on Grays Harbor County’s Lodging Tax Advisory Committee, helping allocate tourism funds to strategic events and projects aimed to grow tourism to the county. His expertise in coastal real estate marketing also led him to direct the marketing efforts and continued success of Olivia Beach and Bella Beach – two new-urbanist communities on the Oregon coast.

Outside of the office, Ivo aims to quench his thirst for outdoor and water adventures. You will find him backpacking through Washington’s mountain ranges, failing to surf in tropical destinations, scuba diving in remote shark-filled waters, or road tripping on two or four wheels. He’s always interested in what fun escapades you are up to as well – just find him on Instagram @ivoandov and connect!