Jen Larsen

Silent Implementer

Position: Marketing Manager

Preferred Propellant: A well-made Manhattan (with Bourbon, not Rye)

Preferred Inanimate Red Object: The TLC hit “Red Light Special”

An actual Seattle native (she’s very proud of this), Jen attended University of Washington and received a history degree with a particular focus on Elizabethan and Tudor England (she just made her first-ever trip to London in 2018). Wondering which of Henry VIII’s wives is her favorite? (Hint, it was his last wife, who actually became King Regent when Henry died.)

After college, Jen docked for 14 years in the cruise industry with Holland America Line and Windstar Cruises, managing marketing communications for all Alaska products and shore excursion operations, and marketing for Europe, Caribbean and Costa Rica destinations. Ask her how many times she’s been to Alaska and you’ll get a very long answer.

The desire for a change of pace took Jen to Woodland Park Zoo, where she was responsible designing tourist programs, working on business development for group events and transporting life-size tiger sculptures to points around town (no joke).

Jen joined Red Propeller in 2016 and took on city living with a passion after moving from the suburbs to Downtown Seattle. At Red Propeller, she has managed the tourism campaign for the City of Bothell and the final sell-out and marketing campaign for Luma, a condominium tower in Seatttle’s First Hill neighborhood. She’s currently managing the communications for the cottage rental vacation program and new home sales at Seabrook, a beach town on the Washington Coast.

You can find Jen in her free time exploring Seattle, especially First Hill and Capitol Hill, her new neighborhood since moving into her vintage condo in 2017. Thrift store treasure-hunting, biking and hosting friend’s canines are also on her list of interests.