Katelyn Wynecoop


Position: Marketing Project Manager

Preferred Propellant: Anything seasonal but not too sweet

Preferred Inanimate Red Object: Hot Sauce

Katelyn conducts background research and event coordination for our projects, and assists in creative development efforts. Katelyn specializes in project investigation and creative construction, performing meticulous research and utilizing strategic communication skills to gather key background information, and then applying her literary talent and creative eye to assist in the illustration of new concepts.

Katelyn hails from a totally cohesive background in luxury real estate and the Seattle music industry. She came to RP in 2019, after serving as gallery coordinator for Westbank’s First Light condominium project in Seattle. As gallery coordinator, Katelyn was responsible for overseeing operations on site as well as assisting in events, sales coordination and the narration of the project’s storyline to guests of the “Light as a Common Thread” exhibition.

Prior to entering the real-estate realm, Katelyn served as a record label manager and a freelance music journalist. A lifelong creative writer and enthusiast of all things musical, she saw an eventual career combining the two interests as inevitable. Having gained recognition for her event coverage, release reviews and artists interviews in both local and international publications, Katelyn was recruited as an in-house blog writer for Big Slide Records, an up-and-coming indie electronic label, in 2015. Over the years, Katelyn made her way through the ranks, originating as a blog writer and ending up as label manager, overseeing marketing efforts, public relations and release coordination, and managing a team of more than 20 promoters, blog writers, creatives, and musicians.

Outside of work, Katelyn enjoys world travel, film, and any and all encounters with animals.