Stephen Fina

Sales Instigator, Partner

Position: Head of Real Estate Strategy + Sales, Partner

Preferred Propellant: Coffee – Black

Preferred Inanimate Red Object: Balloon

Stephen is an incisive expert with deep experience in real estate sales and marketing. He works across all areas of Red Propeller’s business, with a particular focus on analyzing the details of proposed developments and producing data-based recommendations for best achieving client objectives.

Stephen Fina joined Red Propeller as a partner in 2013, bringing nearly 20 years of experience in operations, management, development, sales and marketing to the team. Stephen’s expertise includes pre-development consulting, floorplate and floorplan development, fine tuning a building to maximize returns from a market perspective, and sales leadership and training in a manner that creates a perception of value that exceeds price.

Prior to joining Red Propeller, Stephen spent seven years as Senior Vice President at Playground Destination Properties, Inc. (a wholly owned subsidiary of Intrawest). During his tenure at Playground, Stephen oversaw all aspects of the organization’s sales and marketing efforts throughout North and Central America. At Playground, Stephen worked across a variety of market sectors, including ski, beach and golf resorts, and urban mixed-use development.

Following the global collapse of real estate in 2008, Stephen was tasked with leading the company’s repositioning strategy, which required the marketing and sales of over $750M worth of built real estate product at more than 35 separate projects in 15 resorts spread across three continents. Concurrently with that effort, Stephen managed the closings of roughly $500M of contracts written on real estate developed by third-party clients.

Prior to joining Playground, Stephen was a Vice President at Harbor Properties and Resorts, a Seattle-based resort and urban development company. During his 12 years at Harbor, Stephen worked in a variety of roles in operations, management, development, marketing and resort operations. At his departure in 2005, he was managing the company’s resort portfolio, including three regional ski resorts and associated real estate holdings.

Stephen’s marketing and sales successes have been recognized with a variety of national and international marketing awards.