Client: AMLI
Location: Seattle
Size: 393 units

The ultimate collaboration to design and develop a high-rise tower that upends the idea of luxury high-rise in Seattle’s competitive apartment market.

Standing out in a crowded market

AMLI’s first tower in Seattle would be entering an extremely crowded tower market and was intended to remain in the company’s portfolio long-term. So the challenge was to create a targeted product strategy, and a brand and identity that would maximize value and mitigate risk in this highly competitive market.

A high-rise on the edge of Downtown Seattle

This high-rise apartment project in Seattle’s Denny Triangle neighborhood, at the north end of Downtown, had a master-use permit when AMLI purchased it. Issues they wanted help addressing included creating a building that would stand out from several other high-rises that would be delivering at about the same time and building a brand that would endure long-term while overcoming constraints that were the result of a MUPed project.

A close partnership throughout the development process

After a comprehensive review of the project, market and anticipated target audience, we identified an unmet market opportunity to develop and deliver an edgier tower experience that would resonate with the target audience and relate to the industrial heritage of the neighborhood. We then created a vision that drove design, project investment, brand development, marketing and launch strategy, and worked in close partnership with the development and design teams to bring this strategy to life.

Early on in the process, we developed a leasing strategy and path that helped maximize developer return on investment and minimize project redesign. This included very specific brand and story-selling touchpoints throughout the building. At opening, we conducted a comprehensive leasing training to arm sales team members with tools and strategies for selling the project.

Finally, we built and executed a targeted marketing campaign, utilizing VR technology, creating early interest and excitement.

The result has been a building that is unlike any other high-rise in the competitive set, and has commanded higher rents than a new tower immediately adjacent to it. The project has become a model within AMLI.