Client: Security Properties
Location: Seattle
Size: 169 units

Polishing a midcentury gem so it shines at least as brightly as brand new offerings.

A renewed classic competes against the new kids

After overhauling a classic midcentury apartment building in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, Security Properties wanted to achieve top-of-market rents, which meant competing head-to-head with brand new high-rise towers.

Midcentury grace with contemporary conveniences

Panorama boasts huge homes with great layouts and classic touches, such as actual wood parquet flooring and marble windowsills, plus great community spaces, including an unsurpassed outdoor pool. Renovations retained and revived these features while updating kitchens, bathrooms and systems. Our role was to freshen up the brand and provide a new chapter of the building’s story.

Back in style

We created a new story for Panorama and wrote a copy deck to help tell the story, focusing on the notion of “Back in style.” We supported this with a lifestyle photo shoot that featured martinis, wraps, midcentury bathing suits and retro sunglasses, but clearly in a contemporary context.


Panorama was able to overcome initial doubts by achieving rents comparable to new towers in lease-up in downtown Seattle. Its lease-up attracted Seattle-area residents excited about a mid-century product offering with modern function and its unique positioning was also able to garner attention from people relocating from other parts of the country. Security Properties was able to successfully stabilize the property and sell the asset as part of its disposition strategy.