Client: Seabrook
Location: Seabrook, Washington

Driving growth in hospitality and home sales for Washington’s beach town.

Supporting a big vision

When Red Propeller started working with Seabrook, it had a small internal marketing team and big goals for growing sales, occupancy and rates. Our job was to support their ability to achieve those goals.

The Town in a Nut Sea Shell

Seabrook is a new-urbanism town that founder Casey Roloff created from scratch on the Washington Coast. It features about 400 single-family homes and 50,000 square feet of retail – all locally and individually owned, with no two of the same type of business – and a plethora of community amenities, including an indoor pool, parks and playgrounds, fire pits, bike trails and beach access. It is permitted for 1,000 homes and has more land that is yet to be permitted. It offers homes for sale and vacation rentals.

New Home Marketing & Sales Management

Red Propeller directs sales and marketing for new home sales and resales; develops campaigns, activities and events that draw people to Seabrook and raise the community’s profile; helps plan the product and amenity mix for future neighborhoods; and supports local merchants. Our work has included moving Seabrook from a paper- to tech-based sales system and redeveloping the community’s website, including integrating separate main and cottage-rental sites.

Early on in our work with Seabrook, we surveyed guests and homeowners and learned that, while they were initially drawn to the community largely for its location by the beach, they quickly come to value it as a place to reconnect with family and friends, and create memories, to relax, rejuvenate, revive, reconnect and, often, repair. So we launched a campaign called “Our Seabrook,” creating a place for guests to share photos and stories with us and others, including people who are just finding out about the Seabrook experience.

We introduced Seabrook’s new South Farm neighborhood, which offers a wide range of open floorplans that support an indoor/outdoor lifestyle, plus the most open space of any Seabrook neighborhood to date. To convey what South Farm will be, we created a VR fly-through of the neighborhood and 360-degree virtual panorama of its planned new park. A new sales center created as part of the introduction of these homes includes extensive touch-screen tour technology.

Resort Hospitality Marketing

In addition to leading new home sales and marketing, Red Propeller leads Seabrook’s Cottage Rentals hospitality marketing. This involves running seasonal campaigns that drive bookings to the over 220 (and growing) individually-owned homes for vacationing guests.

Driving Results

Since Red Propeller’s hiring, Seabrook has realized double-digit growth in booked home nights and average daily rate. These results were generated from targeted marketing campaigns optimized toward seasons, inventory growth, and online booking channel improvements. Red Propeller and Seabrook’s marketing team collaborated to introduce a new website, email marketing tools, and social media channels. In addition, our team is responsible for coordination with in-town group sales and events management teams to attract new group business and expand the roster of visit-generating events.